These are cool or funny or generally interesting sites we’ve come across in our travels around the net…check them out…you might like them too:

Silly Puddy and Stuff: Good for a few laughs…not updated often but good to check out.
TheTAZZone: Great place for games, goofs, and general relief of boredom.
J_K9 Linux: A good blog if you’re running Linux, Ubuntu, or other open source applications.
TheSecurityZone: if you want to secure your machine I highly recommend you get your advice here.
Egalitarian Graphics: An art blog with some illustrations, some commentary…some pretty nice illustrations.
CycleStop: Nope, not bicycles, motorcycles…new site but looks pretty good if you like bikes and hate a lot of flash and stupid animations you find on other cycle sites.
No Guts No Glory: Another new forum about games and gaming…not too much going on there right now…a real ground floor opportunity.
Security News Media: Security news highlights and not much else…but who wants to wade through the load of crap out there anyways…good site for the meat and bones of what’s new.
TAZForum: Really cool bunch of guys there…good place to hang, lurk, read, and kick back.
Bastard System Administrator: You gotta love these off-the-wall stories…some old ones…and some original ones…good for a laugh.
TheSportsEmporium: Nice place…no too busy…talk sports, MMA, UFC, Major Leagues…catch a few flies.


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