Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to Everyone! And here’s hoping 2012 will bring you much joy and blessings throughout the New year!


HP confirms gaping backdoor on 82 laptop models

Computer maker Hewlett Packard has fessed up to a gaping security hole on more than 80 laptop models, warning that the backdoor could users at risk of drive-by code execution attacks.

An advisory from HP lists 82 laptop models as vulnerable to the ActiveX vulnerability found on the HP Info Center software. The issue is rated “critical” and HP laptop owners should be aware that public exploit code that provides a roadmap for exploiting the hole is circulating around the Internet.

A successful exploit simply requires that the laptop owner is lured to a malicious Web site while using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The risks include remote code execution, remote system registry read/write access and remote shell command execution.

It affects laptops running Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

HP confirms gaping backdoor on 82 laptop models | Ryan Naraine’s Zero Day |

Are The Days of Duplicate Content Numbered

Canadian software author and webmaster, Dewald Pretorius, today released two new software products that are focused on solving the duplicate content ( worries of many webmasters across the globe. “I initially wrote the software out of a personal need and frustration with duplicate content problems, and as an afterthought realized what a big market there is for it,” said Dewald Pretorius.

The software addresses the problem at the source, the website where the original content is published, by enabling the webmaster to vary the content of the same web page with every single page view.

Are The Days of Duplicate Content Numbered with Newly Released Software? – Scadart Software

New Software Detects Web Interference

Increasingly worried over Internet providers’ behavior, a nonprofit has released software that helps determine whether online glitches are innocent hiccups or evidence of deliberate traffic tampering.

The San Francisco-based digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation hopes the program, released Wednesday, will help uncover “data discrimination” _ efforts by Internet providers to disrupt some uses of their services _ in addition to the cases reported separately by EFF, The Associated Press and other sources.

New Software Detects Web Interference | – Houston Chronicle

After Ubuntu, Windows Looks Increasingly Bad, Increasingly Archaic, Increasingly Unfriendly

There are many night-and-day differences between Windows and Ubuntu and, for a guy that does 80% standard office tasks and the rest of the time I’m doing Linux admin tasks, it was nearly all in favor of Ubuntu after the first few weeks of the transition. Overall, my productivity and the scope of things I can do with Ubuntu far exceed what I could do with Windows and just as importantly Ubuntu (like any Linux would) lets me easily create my own productivity shortcuts of a variety of sorts.

After Ubuntu, Windows Looks Increasingly Bad, Increasingly Archaic, Increasingly Unfriendly @ LINUX.SYS-CON.COM