TheSecurityZone ( aka Tech News ) is basically a news and security information resource for anyone interested in security-related issues. As I travel across this Inner-planet we call the Internet I occasionally come across a news story which I think is interesting and would be interesting to others as well…and post it here.
This could be a top news story…or a hard to find news story or event…popularity of the article isn’t important…the most important factor is how interesting it is…it might not always even be computer or security related…even though most of the time it will be. A forum, also called TheSecurityZone, is available here if you have questions that you need to speak to someone about.
TheSecurityZone is a Member-Run Community, that is to say the members participate on virtually every level of the community, vote on issues and concerns, and have equal opportunity to advance and be elected to Committees.
We welcome your participation.


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