New Software Detects Web Interference

Increasingly worried over Internet providers’ behavior, a nonprofit has released software that helps determine whether online glitches are innocent hiccups or evidence of deliberate traffic tampering.

The San Francisco-based digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation hopes the program, released Wednesday, will help uncover “data discrimination” _ efforts by Internet providers to disrupt some uses of their services _ in addition to the cases reported separately by EFF, The Associated Press and other sources.

New Software Detects Web Interference | – Houston Chronicle


16 year-old ‘hacker’ designs Internet policy

A TEENAGE hacker who managed to get around the Aussie government’s $84 million internet filter scheme has been recruited by the opposition Labor party to design its cyber safety policy.

Tom Wood has now become the subject of a slanging match between the Labor and Liberal parties.

Liberal Communications Minister, Helen Coonan, denies that Wood “hacked” the software filters, saying he bypassed them by gaining access to the administrator account on his computer.

16 year-old ‘hacker’ designs Internet policy – The INQUIRER