Professional Paranoid

My research interests cover the design and analysis of security techniques and systems, with a sideline in various obscure security-related areas such as the recovery of deleted data from magnetic media, and whatever else happens to catch my interest. To view some of the documents referenced on this page you’ll need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat reader software (note: This link takes you to Acrobat 5.1, which avoids the very buggy and unstable Acrobat 6 or the bloated mess that is Acrobat 7 which Adobe will force on you if you get it from their main download site). Alternatively, if you’re running Windows, you can try the Foxit PDF Reader, which is what the Acrobat reader would be if it lost about 15MB of bloat and ran about 50 times faster than it does.

One of the most popular pages that I maintain is my security resource link farm, a huge (around 1/2MB) collection of links to security and encryption products, companies, papers, conferences, e-commerce and digital cash, security and intelligence agencies, smart cards, digital certificates and CA’s, standards and publications, security problems and holes, and anything else vaguely related to encryption and security. If you’re looking for anything in this area…

Peter Gutmann’s Home Page


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